How can Scholarix Solution help you?

If you’re in the market for a comprehensive set of curriculum and course development services for your institution, Scholarix Solution can help!

Our company offers knowledgeable experts who will work with you to establish your long-term goals and map out the most potent route to achieving them.

Scholarix Solution has over 10 years of experience in providing solutions for institutions that want to develop their online programs. Our company works with institutions — including community colleges, universities, and various higher education organizations — who want to develop their own online programs but can’t afford the cost of hiring an in-house instructional designer or outside contractor.

We offer a variety of e-learning solutions aimed at helping instructors to facilitate classroom sessions, launch student initiatives, design interactive digital content, deliver Web apps, qualify students for job skills and validate learning outcomes.

We offer a variety of e-learning solutions to help institutions produce successful online programs.

Our e-learning solutions for institutions include:

  • an extensive library of courses and curricula that institutions can use to develop their online programs.
  • a variety of interactive digital learning tools to help instructors facilitate classroom sessions.
  • mobile applications which may be used by instructors in order to deliver interactive apps on various mobile devices.
  • we are 100% web-based, allowing students or faculty the freedom they desire.
  • we offer immediate access to delivery via web browsers, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer

Some common questions about e-learning

What are the benefits of e-learning?

  • E-learning is flexible, convenient and accessible.
  • In an e-learning environment, students can use a computer or mobile device to access the course work.
  • Students can easily learn with interactive tools and programs that are located on the instructor’s computer or in the web browser.
  • Students have no need to worry about struggling with campus computers and taking notes while using their laptop.
  • Student’s progress will be tracked based on their scores on assessments so that they know how well they are performing throughout the semester.

What is the difference between e-learning and online learning?

Nowadays, e-learning and online learning are terms frequently used to describe a variety of learning programs that provide instructional content through various devices. E-learning is developing at an accelerated rate as a viable education option, especially among corporations and businesses. Online learning can be used for both personal as well as corporate purposes. However, e-learning often implies the use of one or more electronic devices while online learning can refer to any type of online instruction that allows for access from any computer with internet access.

Most schools working on distance education believe that ‘e-Learning’ is the most appropriate name for online educational programs which use Internet technology to support students in their academic pursuits and help them to become global citizens.

How can a course be assessed via an e-learning platform?

E-learning is usually used to assess students’ performance on a particular course or learning module. The assessments can be created using an online application, an Ipad application, or by using any other form of digital device in order to analyze the performance of the learners on a particular module or part of the course. There are various types of assessment that can be used as part of e-learning training programs including quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, and papers.