Helpdesk and Training

An integral part of launching a successful online program is having the assurance that your learners, educators, and staff will be able to confidently navigate, and productively interact with their online courses.

While the Scholarix e-Learning Solution is intuitively designed and features a built in comprehensive self support system including tools tips and documentation, we understand that when it comes to computer proficiency no two users are alike.

That is why continuous helpdesk support with individual user guidance ensures that both users with novice and expert computer knowledge are able to accomplish their educational goals with ease.

Helping your users succeed is smart business because their success translates into your success.

For many users their first experience with online education may be with you. So providing immediate access to a qualified support personnel will give them the confidence needed to continue learning thereby increasing subsequent enrolments, lowering dropout rates, and promoting user referrals.

Whether it be inquiries pertaining to general course navigation, creating and grading tests, or administrative level tasks, our support personnel are trained experts in every aspect of the Scholarix e-Learning Solution ensuring your users’ success.

Our highly skilled E-learning support specialists are ready to respond to your users’ concerns in a professional and prompt manner while providing efficient and accurate responses.

Each inquiry in the Scholarix Support Framework is tracked by our Scholarix support portal which utilizes pattern analysis reporting techniques to quickly recognize trends in issues received.

Our Helpdesk then proactively responds to these issues drastically reducing the number of support inquires.

Part of the Scholarix support system is also documenting and tracking each user inquiry at every contact point. This allows our helpdesk to quickly resolve repeat issues and efficiently follow up on pending matters.

The Scholarix support system also provides you with detailed reports on a variety of ticket and user metrics giving you with a complete snapshot of your users’ support interactions.

In addition to the expert one on one support provided, as part of the Scholarix Framework your users have access to our comprehensive 24×7 knowledge base filled with answers to frequently asked questions, detailed specific task tutorials, helpful tips,and much more. Visit our support portal at Scholarix Support Portal

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