Create A Successful Email Marketing Campaign In 7 Simple Steps

Create A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most classic types of campaigns; apart from being practical, measurable, and economical, it is a non-intrusive way to reach your customer. There are many advantages of email marketing, however, unlike what many may think, it is one of the most difficult digital marketing techniques to master.

Not just any professional in the industry is capable of making your campaign totally effective and achieving user loyalty. Here are what we consider to be the 7 essential steps to start creating a successful email marketing campaign!

Define Your Target Audience

This should always be your first step! Define who you are going to talk to, by this we mean the person’s age, gender, professional level, tastes, interests, or lifestyle.

This way you will be able to filter much more effectively and focus your efforts on reaching the people you really want to attract. In addition, it will help you to know your audience better, detect the type of information that users need, and understand their needs and consequently, you will have a bulletproof guide where you should start attacking.

Select The Database

The database is a segmented list that you should have stored in advance. In it, you must include the names and surnames of the people to whom your campaign is addressed, the updated and active e-mail addresses of your potential customers, and the age range to which they belong to find a tone of communication and define a style according to the place where our public is located.

Be Clear About Your Objectives

Basically, it is to put in writing the results you want to achieve in your campaign. The objectives can be to build loyalty, generate sales, increase current sales, increase the number of subscribers, introduce a new product, or position it.

There are many reasons why you decide to carry out a campaign. It is good to be clear about what your objectives are because it is from that point that you will start from now on. For example: To increase sales by 10% in a period of time or to increase website visits by 30%.

Develop a Delivery Schedule

Planning the time period of the campaign will help you to organize the information addressed to your database and identify the most important moments to send the mailings.

Many times, it happens that we decide to send emails together to a large number of people. This is a mistake that could jeopardize the reach of your campaign, as the main email platforms detect this unusual load of messages and redirect them as Spam.

In other words, you are blacklisted and your emails are sent not to the main mailbox, but to a mailbox in which the user does not receive email notifications.

Creation of E-mail and Landing Page Template

After performing all the previous steps with great dedication, it will be time to create the format or template of the content of the campaign you are going to carry out. First, you must identify your brand by placing the logo.

Remember to include the information you want to give to your clients. The campaign can be aimed at customer loyalty, attracting new customers, increasing sales, customer outreach, etc.

Then we recommend you organize the information based on headlines and try to include more images than text. Finally, place a button that takes the customer to a landing page. On this platform, you will present all the informative content of your campaign!

Campaign Creation

Finally, it’s time to create the campaign. Always use a headline or subject line that is eye-catching, that reflects in one or two words the content and that makes users want to know what it is about.

Do not forget that the information must have impeccable writing, sentences, and short phrases that say a lot. Remember that in most cases less is more.

Measure Statistics

Whichever tool you are using to carry out your email marketing campaign, make sure you pay attention and track the analysis they provide: Total subscribers, devices from where they opened the email, number of clicks, etc.

All this information is very valuable to analyze and optimize your next campaigns or set up a remarketing campaign. Always remember that the best assets a website has are the statistics of its customers. Understanding them and taking advantage of them will be the protagonists to win or lose in this game!


From now on you have everything you need to create the best and most effective email marketing campaigns of your life! Get the most out of your campaigns with these 10 tips that will help you sell, attract new customers, offer discounts and increase loyalty in a very economical way. Make sure you take all the necessary care not to end up in your customer’s spam folder.