Course Development

An essential part of launching a successful online education program is having relevant content that resonates with and stimulates the minds of your users.
We at Scholarix have the expert knowledge and vital experience needed to help you with this endeavor.

Whether you want to take a traditional in class program and translate it into the online sphere, migrate content from an existing online education platform or website, or develop a new program from scratch on the e-Learning Platform, we provide the resources and expert guidance needed to guarantee a smooth and accurate transition.

Having worked with dozens of tier one Universities and colleges from all over North America, our instructional design specialists are well versed in course creation best practices and core educational design fundamentals.

Our highly qualified personnel have the skills and know how necessary to accurately translate and reproduce virtually any hard copy course resource into a variety of digital formats.

Our expert team can ensure that your course contains the rich multi-media and dynamic user interactive components that current and future learners demand. From discussion boards, to real time chat, to videos and interactive quiz and test games, our specialists ensure that your educational offering is as enjoyable as it is informative.
Building a world class online course doesn’t have to involve filling in hours of paper work, convoluted models, and bloated processes. Scholarix makes creating and launching an effective online course refreshingly simple and straight forward.

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