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    Determining the cost of a custom e-Learning course

    Custom e-Learning courses do not have a single set cost because every course is unique in regards to its requirements, content, and the needs of the learners it serves. This easy to use tool will help you quickly determine the estimated cost of your
    e-Learning course based on your specified requirements and situation.

    The 3 main factors that determine the cost of developing your course:


    Graphics & Multimedia


    Level of Interactivity


    Instructional Design

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    When it comes to the visual fidelity and level of interactivity possible, an e-Learning course can vary greatly in respect to each of these two development aspects. Generally, the higher the complexity and frequency of these two respective components, the greater the overall "level" of the course and consequently, the associated costs involved.

    Multimedia Complexity







    Level of Interactivity







    Multimedia and Interactivity Percentage

    Very High




    Step 1 out of 3

    A qualified instructional designer will be able to consider the various pedagogical factors and suggest various multimedia and interactive components that will enrich the learning experience, and ensure that the learning objectives are achieved in an engaging and interesting manner.
    Instructional design application also takes into account the audience for your course and essentially creates a blueprint for the course that outlines the content in meaningful and effective ways.
    Here you will see the various individual factors that affect the amount of instructional design time needed to create your course.

    Content Structure and Organization

    Content is already structured for e-Learning with well-defined learning objectives and layout instructions

    Content is only partially structured for e-Learning and no layout instructions are available

    Content has no structure and only exists in the subject matter expert’s head or in rough notes

    Complexity of Subject Matter

    General knowledge or universal subject matter

    Professional level or advanced subject matter

    Highly specialized or complex subject matter


    Assessment learning objectives are well defined with all test/quiz questions and answers available

    Assessments do not have defined learning objectives and test/quiz questions and answers are not available

    Step 2 out of 3

    In addition to the the degree of facilitator interaction and the length of your course, there are a number of options that will determine the final cost of your course.

    Course Delivery Method

    Instructor led e-Learning

    Independent e-Learning with instructor facilitation

    Fully independent e-Learning


    Mobile Compatibility


    Blended Learning

    Rapid Development

    Course length in hours

    Step 3 out of 3

    Thank you for providing your project’s details. 

 We will also email you a PDF copy of your project selections for your reference. 

    Please fill in the contact information below and one of our pricing consultants will get in touch with you within 24 business hours to clarify your project requirements and provide you with a quote. 

 We will also email you a PDF copy of your project selections for your reference. 

    We will also email you a PDF copy of your project selections for your reference. 

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