LMS Services

1. I have a LMS

If you have an existing learning platform, Scholarix can help you with:

  • Creating custom eLearning content
  • Branding and customization
  • Integration with other systems
  • Functionality changes & plugin development
  • Content conversion from legacy systems
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2. I need a LMS

If you need a LMS, Scholarix can assist with:

  • Identifying needs mapped to required LMS functionality
  • Vendor identification and procurement based on needs
  • Implementation support and training
  • Identification of admin roles and responsibilities
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LMS Services

Complete Service Solutions

Our LMS hosting solutions cover everything needed to launch and maintain your e-Learning system including hardware allocation, system installation, customization, backups, maintenance, updating, monitoring, and rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.

LMS Solutions

Branding Customization

In helping maintain your brand synergy, your learning management platform installation can be uniquely customized to visually align with your organizations culture, colors, and imagery.

LMS Hosting

Scalable&Reliable Performance

We optimize all our installations for maximum performance and ensure that each installation receives the dedicated server resources it needs. Our hosting solutions can be scaled to support any usage level at any time with no interruptions to your service or lost data.

LMS Security

Rock Solid Security

All of hosting solutions and facilities utilize state of the art security and are backed by 24/7/365 human network monitoring, performed by highly qualified system administrators.

LMS Support

Ongoing Support & Training

We provide comprehensive staff and administrator training along with ticket based administrative support complete with a helpful video knowledge base portal in ensuring that the continuous operation of your system is just as easy as it’s initial implementation.

Here are some of the LMS systems

we can implement, customize, and manage:

  • Moodle
  • Sakai
  • Canvas LMS
  • WordPress based e-Learning Systems

We can also assist you with your existing installation and provide support for a variety of other open-source and proprietary learning management systems.

Lms Integrations

That Save You Time and Money


Collect Online Payments & Automate Enrolments

Manually enrolling learners and collecting payments is both a waste of time and money. Whether you have an existing merchant account you would like to use or want to be setup with a brand new one, from Authorize.net to PayPal and a variety of systems in between, we can make it possible for you to collect payments online and automatically enrol learners into your courses.


Integration Benefits

  • Allow your learners to purchase one or more courses with individualized shopping carts
  • Alleviate administrative and enrolment burdens from your end
  • Let your learners pay online and start learning instantly without having to make a registration call or write an e-mail to your administrative staff
  • Create discounts and coupons for your courses to help promote your learning product right from within your e-commerce system

Lms Intro

Common Questions


What Is An Lms?

An LMS is a completely web-based learning system that  is used to securely deliver content to your learners and is the platform that your learners will log into when accessing their learning materials.  An LMS also centralizes the administration and management of your learners.


Why do i need an LMS?

An LMS allows you to easily administer and manage your learners and deploy and edit content quickly and efficiently. It also enables you to create engaging and collaborative learning experiences through the use of the numerous builtin tools. An LMS also secures your content by granting access to only authorized individuals through the use of secure logins and passwords.


Key Features of an LMS

The key features of an LMS include support and portability of your content between different systems and devices, easy content replication, rapid content assembly and management, user progress tracking, collaboration and communication between learners and instructors, and more.