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    Lean e-Learning Development

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    When it comes to developing e-Learning courses, no two sets of requirements or budgets are ever the same.

    Sophisticated clients demand more cost effective courses with faster turnaround times and it’s up to us consultants and developers to deliver!

    So we’ve put together a helpful infographic that may shed some light into the ways in which greater efficiencies and cost savings can be gained through the combining of traditionally individual roles.

    And with the widespread availability of easy to use authoring tools, templates, and stock imagery, finding these multi-skilled individuals isn’t the unicorn hunt it may have been a few years ago.

    That said, and when it comes to developing the highest quality and most cutting edge and innovative courseware, there will always be a need to specialists.

    Lean e-Learning Development - Scholarix Infographic

    We welcome your thoughts and comments on how e-Learning development can be made more lean and efficient.


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