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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Scholarix e-Learning Solutions?

We at Scholarix are a customer driven e-Learning company that’s helped organizations in a variety of industries improve their performance and achieve their learning goals by delivering customized e-Learning services unique to their needs.

For more information on who we are visit our Who We Are page.

What exactly do you guys do?

Scholarix provides you with everything needed to create a successful e-Learning program.

Watch our 2 minute explainer to quickly understand what we can do for you:

How much will it cost to launch and maintain a successful online course with Scholarix?

Practically every custom online course we develop is unique in regards to its objectives, content, and the needs of the learners it serves. Therefore, the cost to develop your online course depends on a variety of factors, some of which include, the amount of content that needs to be developed, the complexity of your course, the level of interactivity needed within the course, the amount of graphics and multi-media present, and a plethora of other variables.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to quickly and easily get a quote by using our helpful Pricing Calculator.

Similarly, the cost for your platform will vary based on your usage and customization needs.

So simply Reach Out to Us and with just a few pieces of information, our helpful consultants will provide you with an accurate quote that works within your project’s budget.

How long does it take to develop a custom e-Learning course and what steps are involved?

The time required to complete a particular e-Learning course will vary based on the nature and scope of the project so a constant number hardly ever applies. In general however, pending client input and actual project specifics, 1 hour of e-Learning could take 2-4 months to complete.

In all cases, Scholarix will provide you with an estimated timeline complete with milestones depicting all the stages of the project.

Head over to our Custom e-Learning page to see a visual overview of the steps involved with building your online course.

Who are the key people involved in developing my content into an e-Learning course?

When you choose Scholarix, you can rest assured knowing that your project is being worked on by our team of leading e-Learning industry professionals. Take a look at our About Scholarix page to learn more about the people involved in delivering your online course.

Can you develop my course to be compatible with mobile devices?

We’re always thinking ahead so you can rest assured knowing that even every standard delivery online course we build is designed with maximum compatibility in mind and we always look for methods and technologies that make your content accessible on the largest variety devices. For Example, for interactive components, we never program in flash and prefer to use HTML5 and jQuery in order to maximize compatibility.

We can also take mobile design a step further and create mobile specific courses that tailor your content to be more suited for on-the-go learning by applying proper instructional design theory and content design that focuses on “bite-sized” learning chunks.

Visit our Mobile Learning page for more details.

Do my learners need to purchase special components or software to learn online?

The courses we create and the platforms we implement are fully online and require no installation on the users part beyond an internet connection and in some instances some common, freely available plug-ins such as Java.

Our content supports both Windows and Mac computers along with a variety of mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Can you build independent learning courses without the need for an instructor/trainer?

Absolutely! One of the central benefits of e-Learning is the ability to create guided, interactive, independent learning courses out of virtually any subject matter.

So in addition to having content that is accessible 24/7, the system can be configured to automatically grade tests and assessments and provide instant feedback without the need for human administration or instruction.

What happens if I need to change or update my content?

One of the key benefits of online learning is the ability to update content as needed. With Scholarix changes are easy to implement and individual components can be modified without disrupting the entire course. These changes can be performed by us and some minor revisions and additions can be conducted yourself using built-in content editing tools or authoring tools when applicable.

What’s best is, content doesn’t need to be rebuilt from scratch for changes and can be exported, replicated, and reused.

How much longer or shorter will my course become when it goes online?

Typically the compression ratio is around 50%. Therefore, as an example an a 6 hour course will generally compress to about 3 hours online.

However, depending on the exact structure and nature of the content and the original course medium that was used (web based content, computer based training, instructor led training etc.), the compression ratio could fall anywhere between 20%-70% percent.

In special circumstances it is also possible for a course to become longer once converted online.

Do I need to utilize all of the services offered by Scholarix or can I just choose certain ones?

At Scholarix we believe that you should only use the services that best suit your needs. So not only can you choose any of our services on an “a la carte” basis, we will also consult with you to help you determine which services are right for your business.

What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. An LMS is a completely web-based learning system that is used to deliver learning materials to learners. Some common features of a LMS include, user tracking, user administration, content delivery, user authentication and more.

In Short, an LMS is the actual system your learners will log in to when accessing their learning materials.

Why would I need an LMS?

The benefits of using an LMS for learning content delivery include support and portability of your content between different systems and devices, easy content replication, rapid content assembly and management, user progress tracking, social interaction, collaboration, and communication between learners and instructors, and more.

An LMS also centralizes the administration and management of your learners.

Which learning management systems can you develop courses for?

We’re technology neutral so we can develop for practically any open-source or proprietary system.

Get in Touch with us for a free assessment of your platform.

What happens if my learners have difficulties using an LMS?

You can rest assured knowing that any LMS we implement will be intuitively designed in a manner in which most processes are self-explanatory. These systems do not require any special computer requirements or software beyond a web browser (included with every internet compatible device) so your learners do not need to be tech gurus. All they need is basic computer and internet navigation skills. Simply put, if your learners can check their e-mail or use interactive sites such as Facebook, then they’re more than well equipped to use the system.

Can you configure LMS software on our servers or do I need to host with Scholarix?

In keeping with our motto of simplifying the e-Learning experience, we recommend that we host, manage, and maintain the LMS system thereby freeing you from the IT headaches and learning curve of implementing new technologies in-house. This means that your organization can quickly and confidently launch an online learning program while focusing on what matters most (your learners). Head over our LMS Solutions page for more information on how we can help.

However, if your system absolutely needs to be hosted in-house, we can certainly implement it.

Reach Out to us directly and we would be happy to further discuss your requirements.

We already have an existing LMS and/or a course. Can you help us migrate?

Certainly! We can help you accurately and efficiently migrate your system and courses to practically any platform and from virtually any format. Take a look at our Course Conversation page for more details

How can we train our trainers/instructors on using an LMS for an instructor led course?

We offer live, web-based training and orientation workshops for instructors/trainers that effectively prepare them for facilitating and teaching online. Our help desk is also capable of handling educator and administrator level inquiries so your educators always have access to the support they need.

Can I try an LMS platform before you implement it?

Certainly! We would be happy to show you how effective, interactive, and enjoyable online learning can be with an LMS and invite you to Get in Touch with us for a guided tour.

I'm not sure if my organization needs e-Learning. Why is it needed?

In today’s world everything is moving online. Be it banking, trading, sales, services or a plethora of other traditionally offline industries. Educating in your industry is no different.

With increasingly busier standards of living and the need to learn more in less time, the expectations for education are changing in the 21st century and almost all of the top educational institutions in the world have implemented online learning programs in response to these changes.

Similarly, industry leading businesses have adapted their training programs to take advantage of online learning technologies in order to build truly mobile work forces that are always educated and no longer limited by geographical or logistical training hurdles.

There are many more benefits to e-Learning and we invite you to Contact Us to have a discussion regarding how e-Learning can help your specific situation.

I need to be confident that e-Learning is right for my organization. How can I be sure?

If you’re not sure if online learning is right for your organization, we usually recommend starting with a pilot program which would involve a small number of users and one course. This will enable you to gauge the program’s effectiveness as well as identify specific challenges and key variables on how to improve the program if you choose to fully implement it in your organization.

We also invite you to take a look at our Consulting Page to learn more about how we can help you decide if e-Learning is right for your organization’s educational goals and vision.

How much more effective is e-Learning vs. traditional teaching/training methods?

e-Learning can be comparably effective or even more effective than traditional in person learning in most cases. With traditional in person learning, learners are required to attend classes or training sessions even when they’re not in the right mind state to learn or have other obligations. e-Learning solves this problem by allowing learners to learn around their schedule and when they’re ready to absorb the material.

Additionally, many learners have different attention spans and learn at different paces. With e-Learning, advanced learners can skip passed the basics and focus on the things that matter to them whereas slower learners can take the time they need to understand these core concepts.

Finally, studies show that in a single learning session, people only retain a small fraction of everything they learn. With traditional learning, learners cannot go back and review what an instructor/trainer told them. With e-Learning all materials are online with even live chat conversations being accessible anytime through logged transcripts. This means that your learners never miss a class/training session and can review material as frequently as needed.

How quickly can we expect to start seeing the benefits of launching an e-Learning program?

The benefits of e-Learning can usually be seen almost immediately. Most institutions experience increased enrolments (if applicable), significantly lowered operating costs, greater knowledge retention, and higher training/educating efficiency within the first semester or quarter of operations since the launch of the course.

How long does it usually take to recover our initial investment costs?

Like many other technology investment projects your initial investment will begin to quickly pay for its costs a short while after implementation. For example, once your LMS portal is configured and your course(s) are developed, there will only be marginal costs associated with using them in subsequent periods regardless of how many training sessions or courses you run.

When coupled with the lowered materials, travel, and operating costs created by online learning, the cost recovery is even further accelerated.

Will e-Learning increase operating costs for my organization?

On the contrary, e-Learning will create significant savings for your organization!

e-Learning eliminates expansion and physical facilities costs, injury insurance costs, commuting costs, reduces the number of instructors/trainers needed on staff, eliminates print material costs, and more.

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