Strategy Consulting

We help you clearly identify your organization's
e-Learning needs and finding the answers to the important questions you have.

Here are some of the outcomes that will be acheived by our strategy process:

  • Defining the needs of your learners
  • Selecting the right content delivery method
  • Identifying the necessary organizational roles and administrative processes
  • Determining how e-Learning will integrate with your overall educational strategy
  • Creation of measurable and actionable goals and success metrics

Define and analyze your eLearning needs


Instructional Design Consulting

Our designers help you plan and design effective e-Learning that directly demonstrates how your learning objectives will be successfully met through its implementation

Here are some of the elements that will be incorporated in your strategic design plan:

  • Instructional design storyboarding and application
  • Script writing and content drafting
  • Technical framework planning
  • Multi-media scoping and planning
  • Determining complementary technologies needed to maximize benefits

Expert instructional design to maximize learning


LMS Consulting

Regardless of if you're implementing your first LMS, migrating from a legacy platform, upgrading your current LMS, integrating with external systems, or adding new functionalities, we can help.

Here are some of the key deliverables we can achieve:

  • LMS Vendor evaluation and demoing
  • Feature evaluation against requirements and shortlisting
  • Organizational alignment and feasability
  • Future support and sustainability analysis
  • Content development and migration scoping

Guidance to choose the right LMS for your organization


e-Learning Evaluation and Improvement

We help you assess and evaluate your existing e-Learning program, identitfy improvement areas and performance gaps, and develop critical recommendations to maximize learner success and organizational effectiveness of your e-Learning program.

Here's how we help you ensure the future sustainability, technological stability, and consistent effectiveness of your e-Learning offering:

  • Collection and analysis of learner engagement and performance metrics
  • e-Learning content evaluation and refinement
  • Technology review to identify improvement areas, organizational changes, and strategic impact
  • Development of strategic, detailed improvement plan

Improve your program for maximum effectiveness

The Path to Your e-Learning Success Starts With a Conversation

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Salman Farooqi

Salman Farooqi

Learning Development Lead at e-Learning Ontario

"We were using several independent contractors for a course development project and there were always issues with meeting the deliverables on time and in a predictable time frame. It was hard to gauge how long it would take each individual contractor to complete several courses which lead to project flow inefficiencies. That is when we decided to work with Scholarix. Working with Scholarix was easy. We were able to hit our target launch dates as expected and Scholarix never missed a deadline. The quality assurance process was smooth as well. Scholarix was able to iron out all the small issues that were present on time and before the launch. I would recommend Scholarix for other projects. They had an excellent team that delivered on time without complications..."

Martin Walsh

Martin Walsh

Executive Director at HTCC

"Our organization has been working closely with Scholarix for the last several years in the development of an educational module. I cannot praise the Scholarix team enough for their professionalism, hard work, creativity and ongoing communication with our group. This was our first attempt at developing an on-line learning program and they made the process not only enjoyable but also made the process run smoothly. Our subject matter experts are primarily volunteers with full time jobs and Scholarix was able to work around our volunteers schedules to meet with our team. There were many features of the program that Scholarix provided without charge that had not been part of the initial contract such as additional graphic design and illustration development. There were also additional custom features that we added that required some creative coding and they worked closely with our group in order to make the system work the way we envisioned. We would partner again with the Scholarix team without hesitation...."

Robert Ho

Robert Ho

Vice President, Education at Carson Dunlop

"It was tough to find a company who understood our business and was willing to work with our needs even on small projects. We found Scholarix to be very flexible and collaborative and always completed what was required. Mission accomplished! I would recommend Scholarix to anyone who values excellent customer service...."

John Henriquez

John Henriquez

Manager, Internet Development at McGraw-Hill

"Previously I was using a vendor in India which had a mandatory 2 week turn-around time for all projects. A project came which had to be completed within a week so I turned to Scholarix. Working with Scholarix was seamless and easy. We corresponded via email without any issues. Our due date had to coincide with the release of a new book and everything worked out. My project was completed and delivered on time. I would recommend Scholarix's services and going forward they are my primary vendor for creating LMS conversions...."

Claudia Morrell

Claudia Morrell

Chief Operating Officer at NAPE

"After conducting an exhaustive search for an organization to produce our on-line courses, we found Scholarix.  They have done it all: created innovative solutions for delivering on-line courses, managed our challenging timelines, stayed below budget, provided complete accessibility to their team, and mentored us through every step of the process.  After over a year of collaboration, I am even more convinced I made the right choice in selecting Scholarix...."

Tom Brown

Tom Brown

Executive Director at REAL Entrepreneurship

"Our nonprofit engaged Scholarix E-Learning Solutions to develop an online version of our complex, interactive curriculum intended to help entrepreneurs launch successful small businesses. Our goal was to maintain the interactive, experiential learning approach that sets our organization apart from other entrepreneurship education ventures. Scholarix was able to help us accomplish this goal and we are pleased with the result. The new online resource opens the door for our organization to reach beyond the borders of our state in keeping with our strategic plan. We intend to work with Scholarix again in the future as we add content to our new online presence...."

Amanuel Teklu

Amanuel Teklu

Vice President of Technology at Lincoln Educational Services

"Working with Scholarix was an experience that can rarely be matched by a vendor. They were professional, organized and extremely easy to work with. The work was performed on time, the quality was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with the overall results. Not only will we work with them in the future, but I would also recommend to this company to anybody who is looking for a partner in their areas of expertise...."