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  • e-Learning Benefits – Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Online Learning

    e-Learning Benefits – Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Online Learning

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    Top 10 reasons to adopt e-Learning into your organization:
    1. Geographical boundaries are virtually broken with e-learning. Learners can access content anywhere and anytime with emerging wireless technologies. As technology costs dramatically decrease on-line learning becomes more accessible by developing countries.

    2. E-Learning can decrease the physical real estate you would need to house students. Students will learn from the comfort of their homes without any travel time.

    3. E-Learning is very engaging. With new and emerging technologies learners can now exchange ideas with video-audio conferencing, live chat, and sharing documents between teams and groups.

    4. With live reporting, learners can get live reports and feedback from instructors very quickly giving them a solid understanding of where they stand academically.

    5. Subject matter experts and trainers can easily teach multiple classes and become more resourceful by cutting their travel time to and from a physical classroom.

    6. Learning curves can be significantly reduced as learners will learn at their own pace and can always go back to review materials as many times as they want if they do not understand it completely.

    7. Learner participation is more engaging; rapport is built easier between learners and trainers. Examples of tools used for this include Wiki’s and Blog’s. Also, people that would never speak up in a physical classroom may speak up online without social pressures. Additionally, learners can not only participate from a stationary computer but also from mobile devices like internet pads, laptops, and cellphones.

    8. Materials can be reused and updated quickly. Content can be updated quickly, effectively, and almost instantaneously with a click of a button.

    9. E-Learning is more cost effective than traditional in-class methods due to lower delivery costs of training, reduced preparation time for course materials, faster grading, and eliminated travel and accommodation. Additionally, learners can transfer digital content between various devices such as laptop, PDAs, pads, and smart phones with ease further reducing material and content duplication costs.

    10. E-Learning is more environmentally friendly than traditional learning as eliminating travelling reduces CO­2 emissions. Also, e-Learning has virtually no printing costs which is another environment saving benefit.

    These are some of the many reasons why you may want to implement e-Learning in your Organization.

    Remember, e-Learning doesn’t have to completely replace your existing in-class courses or teaching methods. Many institutions utilize hybrid systems that enable them to keep their current student base while expanding their reach and attracting new students from a global audience.

    If you need expert guidance with the transition from traditional learning into e-Learning or want more information on the benefits e-learning can bring to your organization, contact the experts at Scholarix e-Learning Solutions

    You can also email us directly at consulting@scholarix.ca.

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  • Piron says:

    Super like :)
    all the 10 points are bang on target :)
    keep up the good work:)

  • Unlike a one time classroom session, the elearning course is available for others. This includes the static elearning course as well as any ongoing conversations in networked communities. Niceblog! Thanks for sharing.

  • scholarix says:

    Not a problem, we can integrate social learning with our LMS as well, where student’s can continue their discussions online even after, the course has closed or no longer is running.

    Glad you like the post.


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