Hand Therapy Certification Commission


Project description

Scholarix developed the Hand Therapy Certification Commission’s Certification in Wound Care Management of The Upper Extremity online program.

In addition to completely designing and developing the online course from HTCC’s supplied materials, Scholarix also implemented a customized version of the Moodle LMS and integrated it with HTCC’s payment processing system complete with a full e-commerce front end.

Services Provided

• HTML5 custom development
• Moodle course development
• LMS implementation
• Administrative support
• Instructional design
• LMS customization
• e-Commerce integration


Our organization has been working closely with Scholarix for the last several years in the development of an educational module. I cannot praise the Scholarix team enough for their professionalism, hard work, creativity and ongoing communication with our group. This was our first attempt at developing an on-line learning program and they made the process not only enjoyable but also made the process run smoothly. Our subject matter experts are primarily volunteers with full time jobs and Scholarix was able to work around our volunteers schedules to meet with our team. There were many features of the program that Scholarix provided without charge that had not been part of the initial contract such as additional graphic design and illustration development. There were also additional custom features that we added that required some creative coding and they worked closely with our group in order to make the system work the way we envisioned. We would partner again with the Scholarix team without hesitation.Martin Walsh, Executive Director at HTCC