e-Learning Ontario


Project description

Scholarix was contracted by eLearning Ontario to convert over 30 secondary education courses in variety of subjects into online courses. Instructional Design documents were provided to Scholarix and the developed courses were implemented into e-Learning Ontario’s Desire2Learn LMS.

Scholarix’s assistance allowed e-Learning Ontario to successfully launch their secondary education e-Learning program on time and on budget.


Services Provided

• Course conversion
• Custom course development


We were using several independent contractors for a course development project and there were always issues with meeting the deliverables on time and in a predictable time frame. It was hard to gauge how long it would take each individual contractor to complete several courses which lead to project flow inefficiencies. That is when we decided to work with Scholarix. Working with Scholarix was easy. We were able to hit our target launch dates as expected and Scholarix never missed a deadline. The quality assurance process was smooth as well. Scholarix was able to iron out all the small issues that were present on time and before the launch. I would recommend Scholarix for other projects. They had an excellent team that delivered on time without complicationsSalman Farooqi, Learning Development Lead at e-Learning Ontario