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    • SEO For Business – Explained in Plain English

      “Yellow Page usage amongst people in their, say below 50, will drop to near zero over the next five years.” – Bill Gates (Seattle Times, 2007) The Way We Find Information Has Changed There used to be a time when everything people wanted to find within a city was in a big yellow book and […]

    • e-Learning Benefits – Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Online Learning


      Top 10 reasons to adopt e-Learning into your organization: 1. Geographical boundaries are virtually broken with e-learning. Learners can access content anywhere and anytime with emerging wireless technologies. As technology costs dramatically decrease on-line learning becomes more accessible by developing countries. 2. E-Learning can decrease the physical real estate you would need to house students. Students will […]

    • 12 Online Learning Tips for Students


      1. Understand the deadlines – Follow the course outline and check it frequently – Many online courses have tight deadlines and teachers expect students to meet them for assignments, assessments and even chat sessions.We have seen many students miss these deadlines. A big cause of confusion can be the midnight deadline if students are not careful. […]