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    • 5 Ways e-Learning Benefits the Environment


      Implementing an e-Learning program within your organization can result in considerable environmental benefits. Listed below are 5 ways in which e-Learning benefits the environment: 1. Commuting – As learning is delivered online, learners do not need to commute to their place of study. The elimination of driving and perhaps even flying in some instances, results […]

    • Implementing an e-Learning Program – 7 Critical Organizational Considerations


      In our last article we talked about the some key technical factors to consider when implementing an e-Learning program. As a follow up to that article, we’ve going to now touch on some other equally important administrative, financial, and change management considerations to keep in mind when integrating an e-learning strategy within your organization. So […]

    • 5 Key Factors to Consider When Implementing e-Learning


      1. Choosing the right Learning Management System Choosing the right Learning Management System for your e-Learning program can be a daunting task with the dozens of systems with varying functionalities to choose from. To simply things a little, in selecting the right LMS, generally, you can either choose a proprietary system backed by a corporate entity or an open-source system system backed […]

    • Top 5 Collaborative e-Learning Tools for Social Learning Integration


      Here is a quick list of our  top 5 collaborative tools that can be used to integrate social learning experiences into your online course from outside of the LMS 1. Mindmeister – this is a great, mind mapping tool. Using Mindmeister, learners can collaborate and brainstorm outside of their LMS based online course in real-time. […]