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    • Surviving the e-Learning revision Apocalypse

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      You are working with a client or perhaps an internal e-Learning project and everything is a smooth process until you hit revisions. We created a little infographic that gives you a few tips on how to deal with e-Learning revisions. Enjoy and feel free to share. You can also click here to download the PDF […]

    • Cost of developing 1 hour of e-Learning – A Better definition


      Often when providing the cost to develop a custom e-Learning course, vendors will quote their clients based on the cost per “hour of e-Learning”. After all, this does seem to make perfect sense logically. When it comes to creating custom e-Learning, the longer your course is, the greater the proportional cost. So while this hour […]

    • NAPEEF, MNSCU, and Scholarix Partner to Develop a Custom e-Learning Course From NAPEEF’s Educational Equity Curriculum

      Toronto – Scholarix – June 20, 2013 In continuing to bring its educational equity curriculum online, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity Education Foundation (NAPEEF) and Scholarix e-Learning Solutions (Scholarix Inc.) have begun production on a second e-Learning course to serve the teachers and college faculty through the Minnesota System of Colleges and Universities. […]

    • How e-Learning Benefits the Environment


      Implementing e-Learning has many environmental benefits in addition to its effectiveness as an educating medium. Our infographic below highlights some of the ways in which e-Learning can help your organization become more eco-friendly and improve the lives of people everywhere. You can also download a PDF version of this infographic HERE