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  • 12 Online Learning Tips for Students

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    1. Understand the deadlines – Follow the course outline and check it frequently – Many online courses have tight deadlines and teachers expect students to meet them for assignments, assessments and even chat sessions.We have seen many students miss these deadlines. A big cause of confusion can be the midnight deadline if students are not careful. […]

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    Can Google+ deliver on-line education?

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    Google+ is here. I truly believe in Google products & services and I think Google+ is here to stay. I am putting this on the record and predicting that Google+ will cause a significant blow to Facebook. But, this article is not about the competition between Google+ and Facebook. I mainly want to focus on […]

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    Have you ever been frustrated and confused by customers who willingly choose competitors’ offerings over yours even when your products or services were factually superior and maybe even cheaper? How does this even make sense? You may be tempted to assume that some of your customers are not too sharp or ill-informed, but trust me […]

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