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  • e-Learning Trends in 2013

    Posted in e-Learning Articles By scholarix


    We’re just into 2013 and the e-Learning world is buzzing with some new trends, developments, and ideas.  With the rapidly moving speed of the industry, its easy to get left behind when it comes to what’s the latest and how it could potentially impact you So lets take a quick, high level look at 3 […]

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    Update October 2013 – We’ve just released our e-Learning Pricing Calculator! Head over to www.scholarixsolution.com/pricing and instantly price your course! One question we always receive from our Clients is how much will my custom e-Learning course cost? So we decided to create an easy to understand infographic that breaks down the various components that go […]

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    So you’re already on-board with e-Learning and have had a few courses up and running for some time now. But just like the information within your industry, technology and consumer demands are constantly changing, and if its been a long time since you first created your courses, it might be time to evaluate whether your courses are performing at […]

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    Implementing an e-Learning program within your organization can result in considerable environmental benefits. Listed below are 5 ways in which e-Learning benefits the environment: 1. Commuting – As learning is delivered online, learners do not need to commute to their place of study. The elimination of driving and perhaps even flying in some instances, results […]

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