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  • First it was Angry Birds and now its Candy Crush Saga. If not yourself, I guarantee that you know at least one person who is or was obsessed with either of these games. But what is it about these games that makes them so addictive? What is it about them that makes you want to […]

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    How Much Does e-Learning Cost?

    Posted in e-Learning Pricing By scholarix


    With literally a limitless number of variables and factors that come into consideration, pricing your e-Learning course accurately is no easy task. However, we understand that cost is one of the most critical factors in deciding to embark on developing an e-Learning course and that is why we’ve spent hundreds of hours developing what we […]

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    Welcome to the eLearning Buzz. It is July 10,2013 and this is our second episode of the show. Today we will be talking about the definition of one hour of e-Learning, some influencing factors, and how we can improve this definition. Click play below to listen to Episode 2 You can also download Episode 1 […]

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    Often when providing the cost to develop a custom e-Learning course, vendors will quote their clients based on the cost per “hour of e-Learning”. After all, this does seem to make perfect sense logically. When it comes to creating custom e-Learning, the longer your course is, the greater the proportional cost. So while this hour […]

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