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  • When considering the literally a limitless number of variables and factors that come into play when attempting to accurately price the development cost your e-Learning course, its no wonder this subject is constantly revisited time and time again. In this insightful webinar, Kevin and Adam will help you identify and understand the various factors that […]

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    Lean e-Learning Development

    Posted in Uncategorized By Kevin F


    When it comes to developing e-Learning courses, no two sets of requirements or budgets are ever the same. Sophisticated clients demand more cost effective courses with faster turnaround times and it’s up to us consultants and developers to deliver! So we’ve put together a helpful infographic that may shed some light into the ways in […]

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    Surviving the e-Learning revision Apocalypse

    Posted in e-Learning Articles By AdamScholarix

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    You are working with a client or perhaps an internal e-Learning project and everything is a smooth process until you hit revisions. We created a little infographic that gives you a few tips on how to deal with e-Learning revisions. Enjoy and feel free to share. You can also click here to download the PDF […]

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    5 Screen recording tools to help you with content creation

    Posted in Tools By AdamScholarix


    Everyone loves tools that can make their job easy. I have put together a nice list of screen recording tools that could help you build tutorial  videos that can be embed into your e-learning courses or perhaps any other instructional videos you may want to do. So, sit back and enjoy this nifty little list […]

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