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  • 5 Screen recording tools to help you with content creation

    5 Screen recording tools to help you with content creation

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    Everyone loves tools that can make their job easy. I have put together a nice list of screen recording tools that could help you build tutorial  videos that can be embed into your e-learning courses or perhaps any other instructional videos you may want to do.

    So, sit back and enjoy this nifty little list that will help you out and save yourself time by trying to google them, I compiled them for you in a nice small little list. (some are free some are not)

    1. Greenshot – Yes this one is free, they claim to be the best thing since sliced bread. Check them out at getgreenshot.org

    Platform: Windows
    Cost: Free!

    2. CamStudio Open Source – Record your screen in AVI format and also has the ability to convert those big AVI files into nice little streaming flash files (SWFs)

    Platform: Windows
    Cost: Free!

    3. SnagIt - The reason I like this is it’s very easy to use only capture  a defined area of the screen. You can highlight your steps with easy to use tool tips and bubbles and it easily integrates with cloud services like Google Drive (Awesome!)

    Platform: Mac, Windows, (Chrome! Yes just use it in your chrome browser if you like!)
    Cost:  Single User $49.95 (one time fee) or if you are educational institution or government it may be cheaper!

    4. Screenflow – This one you can separate your audio channels and your video channels and also the ability to pause the screen recording and continue where you left off. Combine multiple screen recording into one and all that good stuff. I would say this one is more of an advanced screen capture tool.

    Platform:  Mac
    Cost: $99 (one time fee)

    5. Jing – This one is pretty cool, because once your screen content is recoded you can upload it right to their cloud server and share it with people, this means no separate uploading for sharing. One disadvantage of this one is that it has a limit to record only up to 5 minutes.

    Platform:  Mac, Windows
    Cost:  Free


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